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Breast Cancer Family History Workshop

Who should attend: This event is aimed at Breast Care Nursing staff working in the NHS.


  • Understand the role of BRCA genes & have a basic understanding of cancergenetics.
  • Understand gene testing techniques, its limitations and possible outcomes.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the psycho-social responses to diagnosis and familyimpact and cultural issues.
  • Increase knowledge of projects e.g. BOCS and 100K Genomes.


Following the workshop, nurses should have a greater understanding of:

  • Interpret clinical family history to make accurate genetic risk assessment in thecontext of individual clinical situations.
  • Use Manchester score & BOADICEA risk assessment score to determine if a familymembers are eligible for BRCA gene testing on the NHS.
  • Use BOADICEA to assess maternal and paternal family history.
  • Appreciate the ethical & psychosocial issues considered during the process of riskassessment.
  • Recognise professional boundaries including when to refer on in complex situations.

To book or if you have any queries contact Joanne King on 0151 802 5010 or email

Prices: FREE to NHS staff, butyou mustregister toattend by Friday20th October2017 otherwiseyou will not beadmitted.

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